Board of Cosmetology Approved Provider
of Continuing Education for Your
Professional License Renewal

Serving Multiple States and Growing

State's that require providers to report attendance records give providers many days to send electronic reports. Most states will not renew your license until the provider sends a report. We provide fast same day electronic course reporting within 24 hours from the time you pass and pay, even after hours and on the weekend so you can renew your license in the least amount of time possible.

Offering 24/7 customer service to help you when you need it using our state of the art customer messaging system so your request for help is processed efficiently and fast.

To get started select the state you are licensed in from our "Course Catalog" on the menubar above. Or from the drop-down menu below...

Access Nail Technician Manicurist Continuing Education license renewal course

Continuing Education Courses for Manicurist's and Managing Manicurist /Nail Technician.

Access Cosmetology Continuing Education license renewal course

Continuing Education Course for Cosmetologist, Managing Cosmetologist, Hair Designer, Managing Hair Designer

Access Esthetician/Facialist Continuing Education license renewal course

Esthetician and Managing Esthetician Continuing Education Course for license renewal.

Natural Hair Stylist Education license renewal course

Natural hair stylist, too!

1 Stop, and 1 Continuing Education Course to renew your professional license. We make it fast, affordable, simple, and painless to get the course credits you are required to complete to renew your professional license. We provide continuing education to licensed beauty professionals in several states. To find the course you need, click on the "Choose your State" drop-down above and select the state that you are licensed in.