$17.95 Ohio 7 hour Cosmetology and Hair Designer continuing education license renewal course

The cost for this course is $17.95 if you sign up for the course now, and complete the course by midnight of January 15, 2023. This course has been approved by the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology for the 2023 license renewal cycle. This course is current and valid and meets the continuing education renewal requirements of Ohio Cosmetology, Advanced Cosmetology, and Managing Cosmetology. This course can also be completed for credit for Hair Designer, Advance Hair Designer and Managing Hair Designer. This course is equal to 7 hours; it contains all required subject areas including sanitation and disease control, and is approved by the Ohio Board of Cosmetology. The successful completion of this single course is sufficient to renew your Ohio Cosmetology or Hair Designer license for one renewal period.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Effective January 31, 2017 the Ohio Board of Cosmetology took over the 1 hour of continuing education for the section on Ohio Law. Providers now offer 7 hours of continuing education and the Ohio Board of Cosmetology offers the final hour of continuing education for free on their website, at no charge, thus totalling your required 8 hours of continuing education needed to renew your license. You should visit your Board of Cosmetology website to access the 1 hour section on Ohio Cosmetology Law.

Ohio Cosmetologist, Hair Designer and Managing CosmetologistWe make it risk free for you

If you do not make the required 75% score required by Ohio law you can re-start the course providing you with another opportunity to earn your continuing education credits without any additional fees required.

Register and setup your account to access your user panel

To begin the course you will register where you will pay for the course and set up your own account by creating a log in and password. After you register and set up your account you will be able to log into your account user panel. From your account user panel you will be able to conduct multiple tasks. From the user panel you can view and change your account information, see your saved courses, your completed courses, the time you have spent on a course and the score of any course you have completed and more.

Access to print your certificate

Access to print your certificate After successfully passing the course exam with a 75% score or better you will be able to log back into your account where you can open and print and then save your course certificate. It will be available to you in adobe .pdf file format making it easy to print at will, a benefit for those using smart phones and mobile devices not attached to a printer. It is recommended that once you print your certificate you should also save the certificate .pdf file to your computer hard drive or in a storage folder on your electronic device that you used to do the course so you have the copy saved before your course account expires after 60 days and you can no longer access the certificate from our website.

Fast and reliable electronic course reporting

After you successfully pass the course we will send an electronic course report to the Ohio Continuing Education Administration notifying them that you have completed this course so that the education credits will be added to your continuing education records thereby permitting you to renew your license. Your electronic report will be sent the same day you complete the course within 24 hours of the time you passed all sections and course exam quetions with a successful passing score.

Safe, Secure, and Encrypted Online Processing of Your Payment

Your electronic course fee payment is processed by a world class credit card processing company, FirstData Corp. Your payment is processed on the FirstData Corp. website using the highest level of encryption possible so that your card information is safe and secure. FirstData Corp. charges a processing fee of $1.95 to keep your card information safe and protected.

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