Effective January 31, 2017 the Ohio Board of Cosmetology took over the 1 hour of continuing education for the section on Ohio Law. Providers now offer 7 hours of continuing education and the Ohio Board of Cosmetology offers the final hour of continuing education on their website, at no charge, thus totalling your required 8 hours of continuing education needed to renew your license. You should visit your Board of Cosmetology website to access the 1 hour section on Ohio Cosmetology Law.

Cosmetology License CE Requirements for Ohio

Continuing Education hours are required to be taken between July 2, 2021 and January 15, 2023.

All Continuing Education Classes Expire on January 15, 2023.

One (1) hour of CE concerning Board Laws and Rules:
This course can be applied to multiple licenses.
NOTE: Only provided by the Ohio Board of Cosmetology

Three (3) hours of CE concerning Safety and Infection Control:
If the Safety and Infection Control course is taken as a "stand-alone" course, it may be applied to multiple licenses held.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This information is provided as a courtesy, we strongly recommend you view your complete CE requirments on the Ohio Board of Cosmetology website for the most recent information.