This course is for persons who already have a North Carolina cosmetology instructors license and that license is current, and has not become null and void. If your license is expired you can complete this course for course credit to renew your expired license. If your license is current and expires in 2018, 2019, 2020, or 2021 you can also complete this course for continuing education credits. This course is approved for the following license renewal periods of 2018, 2019, 2020, or 2021. If you are renewing a North Carolina cosmetology instructors license for the 2018, 2019, 2020, or 2021 renewal periods continue to the quiz below. If you are not a North Carolina cosmetology instructors return to the home page and select the license type that you currently are trying to renew. "Click Here" to return to the course list page.

If you do not currently hold a North Carolina license issued by the North Carolina Board of Cosmetology you should contact our office for assistance in selecting the correct course that you need for your license requirements. Contact our office at 321-217-0554

North Carolina Cosmetology Instructor Continuing Education Course
Post Course Quiz

QUIZ INSTRUCTIONS: Read each question and its possible answers carefully, and then choose the best possible answer for a question by clicking the circle to the left of your choice. Do not worry that you do not see a black dot in the circle after clicking; the computer has retained the answer you clicked in memory. To pass the quiz you need a score of 75% or greater, this means you need to get at least 7 of the 10 questions correct to pass. If you do not pass you can repeat the quiz without additional fees, to restart the quiz press the F5 button on your computer keyboard. If you have not already completed the quiz answer-sheet, it is recommend that you print an answer-sheet and have a pen or pencil ready before you begin the quiz. As you choose your answers mark your choice on the answer-sheet you printed so if you do need to repeat the quiz. To print an answer-sheet to mark your answers on click here

1. Cognitive psychology studies mental processes including how people think, perceive, remember and learn.

2. In cognitive learning, the individual learns by listening, watching, touching, reading, or experiencing and then processing and remembering the information.

3. There are two basic types of interference, "Proactive interference", and "Radioactive interference".

4. Semantic memory, sometimes referred to as personal memory, refers to our ability to recall personal experiences from our past.

5. You cannot change how other people act, but you can control how you act. .

6. The first step in resolving a conflict is to realistically and objectively identify your actions and reactions to the situation.

7. The pituitary, a structure in the brain’s temporal lobe, plays a role in behavioral responses.

8. To sanitize means, "any process that eliminates (removes) or kills all forms of life, including transmissible agents".

9. NCAC as used in this course stands for North Carolina Administrative Code.

10. The chapter of the NCAC that governs cosmetology is chapter 4713.

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